What is scope of work?

Scope of work is a description of what is to be completed or not completed as part of any assignment. This might include: the extent of research, sources used for data, tables and calculations used in development, or supporting documents such as maps, photographs or sketches. Each appraisal has a unique scope of work that begins with its purpose and intended use. By law we must determine the scope of work based on what our customers intend to use the report for. A report that provides a “Fair Market Value” estimate for submission to the IRS will be very different than one made for a person deciding how much to sell their town home for. Make sure you are clear about what decision(s) will be made based on the appraisal results and describe any unique situations so the appraiser can determine an appropriate scope of work. Suburban Value will always consult with you on any assignment to ensure that you get an appropriate report that is fully compliant with all applicable laws, rules and guidelines.